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Domain Name Service

  • DNS stands for Domain Name Service. Every domain name must have name service if someone is going to find your site, or email address. We provide 2 name servers for every domain name.


  • Cable Modem? If you host your own site with a cable modem then our DNS service is for you. We can point yourdomain.com, www.yourdomain.com, etc, and 2 mailhosts to the IP address(s) you give us. 

DNS Parking

  • Many sites often can benefit by having more than one domain name referring to the site. This way, a company can use their company domain name to point to the site, as well as descriptive domain names which may be easier for visitors to remember. Through a technique called DNS parking, we can set up multiple domains to point to the same website.


  • Please note that these domain names must point to the same website and can not be redirected to sub directories. For example, www.domain1.com may point to d:\http\yourdomain. www.domain2.com must point to d:\http\yourdomain and can not point to d:\http\yourdomain\domain2. If you want to do this, you need to open up another account for the second domain and may wish to consider becoming a reseller.

Email Forwarding

  • You probably have email with your current service provider. But like your website, it's probably a long name, and of course your first choice for a username was taken.


  • Examples: yourname123@aol.com or this_that@hotmail.com or 12354.3452@compuserve.com


  • E-mail forwarding forwards one email address to another one. And better yet, we support Global e-mail forwarding. That means that no matter what is put before the "@" sign it will be forwarded to you. (Of course the characters must be valid ones. Valid characters are, numbers, letters, underscore "_", dash "-" and the dot ".").

  Website Forwarding

  • So you can be you@companysite.com, sales@companysite.com, webmaster@companysite.com, or anything else. And the mail sent to everyone of these will get forwarded to the email address your currently have. 
  • Many people have free websites with their internet service provider. Unfortunately their URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is quite long and difficult to remember:

    Long address


  • Wouldn't it be nice to simply type:

Short adddress

  • Well you can with Website-forwarding. Try it: Click on the long GeoCities URL above. Now Click on the simple "www.companysite.com" URL. Notice it takes you to the same site! Also look at the address in your browser. See, it's "www.companysite.com"!


  • Now you can safely print cards, flyers, letterhead, etc, all with your new simple URL.


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