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 CD Business Card" is the latest and most powerful business marketing tool that is here to stay! This CD rom Business Card is not just powerful marketing tool but it's also very cost effective. CD Business Card also known as "CD Card", "EBusiness card", and "Business Card CD" replace the traditional printed business cards along with bulky expensive brochures and catalogues, product demo tapes, paper resumes at a fraction of the cost. In fact, the cost of CD Business Cards can be about the shipping cost of average catalogues or video tapes. CD Business Cards are becoming more and more popular everyday and with CD Cards your company will stand out from your competition. Interactive multimedia presentations on a CD Business Card transfer the prestige of your business, not piece of paper. Impress your clients with a CD rom Business Card! When you hand your clients CD Business Cards, on their impression you'll know you left memorable impression that your clients will remember.



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